Unravelling Human Origins conference #UHO2019

We’d like to congratulate the recent Unravelling Human Origins conference on a successful event and were pleased to be able to sponsor the attendance of five student delegates.

I would like to thank The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists for sponsoring my place at this friendly, supportive and well-organised Unravelling Human Origins conference. It was fantastic to hear about such a diverse range of research, yet to feel the real sense of a research community. The lunchtime workshops were really useful too, particularly for an early career researcher
Lauren, Bournemouth University

As a first-year Undergraduate student, the UHO conference was an eye-opening experience. It was an opportunity to meet many inspirational people and open doors into some fascinating research. It has given me the motivation to seize every positive opportunity so one day I can be up there inspiring the next generation of archaeologists. I would like to thank CIfA for sponsoring my place at the conference.
Charlotte, University of York

The UHO2019 2-day conference was excellent - enhanced by an experimental archaeology session, lunchtimes enriched by mini-talks, a poster exhibition and all this aside from the main feature - a collection of amazing presentations covering a wide range of research topics and a keynote speech to top it all. Thank you CIfA, it was a really useful experience from a personal point of view as far as getting an idea of what people are up to in their research.
Vanita, University of London

I would like to thank CIfA for your sponsorship to attend the UHO2019 conference. As a student presenting the results of their undergraduate research project, this conference had a warm and friendly atmosphere that made me feel comfortable and inspired to continue my academic career in the field.
Lucy, University of Cambridge

UHO 2019 took place on 15 and 16 February at The University of York. The programme was wide-ranging and interesting, and there were many thought-provoking presentations and posters. This well-organised conference was also notable for its friendly ethos. Thanks are due to the organising committee and sponsors including the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists for facilitating such a worthwhile event.
John, University of Aberdeen